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  Pdf   1959 Floor Print, 10 inch Steel Cabinet Underdrive Floor Lathe, SBL EP-193 Robert Lang    
  Pdf   1956 How to Mount a Micrometer Carriage Stop, SBL ATT-214 Robert Lang    
  Pdf   1953 How to order scale models to help in Planning Your Shop Steve Wells    
  Pdf   1946 How to Install and Level the Lathe, SBL Bulletin  H-3  Paula Stephens    
  Pdf   1940 How to Fit a chuck to a lathe, SBL ATT-22 Joseph Scopelliti    
  Pdf   1938 Print - Tapped Holes for Milling Attachment, SBL ATT-21 Robert Lang    
  Pdf   1937 How to Fit a Milling Attachment to a South Bend Lathe, SBL-ATT-7 Robert Lang    
  Pdf   1934 Drawing No. 28C, 9 inch Workshop 405 Standard Change Gear Combinations Tom Boergertt    
Pdf 1949 How to install a taper attachment on the 9 inch workshop lathe. (SBL-133) Howard Heydn    
Pdf 1947 How to install, adjust and use a thread dial - 10 to 16" lathe. SBL ATT- 95 Paula Stephens    
Pdf 1946 How to install a thread dial - Workshop 9 & 10K lathe. SBL ATT-94 Paula Stephens