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  Pdf   1965 Maintenance - Headstock spindle sleeve bearings- 10" to 16" lathes   SBL form 2002  
  Pdf   1966 Operation & Maintenance of the 10K Variable Speed Drive Lathe - SBL-6622   Robert Lang  
  Pdf   1963 Helpful Hints on Wiring, SBL Bulletin 645-B   Robert Lang    
  Pdf   1946 How to use the Screw-Cutting Lathe, Reprint from Mechanicx Illustrated 01/46   Steve Wells  
  Pdf   1946 How to Keep Your Lathe Clean, SBL Bulletin H-1     Paula Stephens  
  Pdf   1946 How to Keep Your Lathe in Trim, SBL Bulletin H-4   Paula Stephens    
  Pdf   1980 Army Maintenance and Repair Parts, Model CL670Z        
  Pdf   1957 How to use your 10 in one tool block, SBL 946A-S3   Andy Romer    
  Pdf     Importance of Serial, Lath,Vert., Mill,Shaper,Mech. Press,Model and code Numbers Rocco Falato