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View   1910 South Bend Employees Photo with the Twins Robert Lang    
View   1910 restoration in progress at the "Turk Works"  Dennis Turk    
View   1912 converted drive pedal lathe passed down to Mike Busch from his Grandfather. Mike Busch    
View   1927 Junior, 722 restoration and conversion to a 322 silent chain overhead drive.    Dennis Turk    
View   1928 Toolroom Lathe Dennis Turk    
View   1934 Toolmaker, Catalog Number 420YN Dennis Turk    
View   1934 Workshop 405 restoration Tom Boergertt    
View   1934 8" Junior, Catalog No. 408-Z, in original condition. Lee Owens    
View   1935 9 X 4 1/2' Toolroom Lathe, Catalog No. 180-R, a very rare early "R" series. Richard Mikita    
View   1936 9 inch Workshop Catalog Number 415.   Dennis Turk    
View   1936 9 inch Workshop Catalog Number 415.   Howard Heydn    
View   1937 15" X 5' Tool room lathe, Catalog No. 114-B, a very rare "N" series lathe. ken Bishop    
View , The oldest  1939 10L 187-Y, The oldest Heavy Ten serial number in the list to date. Very Nice  Alan Wheatley    
View   1941 9 inch Model C with the rare cast in gear cover fwd/rev switch.  Dan Shea    
View   1944 10L 8187- AN Tool room lathe with special 6 drawer underdrive bench Joe Romas    
View   1946 Model A restoration.  Dennis Turk    
View   1947 Workshop Model A restoration.  Paula Stephens    
View   9 inch Workshop Model A restoration in progress. Dennis Turk    
View   1950 9 inch Model A, Catalog No. 8644Z Tool Room bench lathe restoration. James Holman    
View   1953 9 inch Model A, Catalog No. CL644Y restoration and new bench. Bob Smith    
View   Completed Heavy Ten restoration.  Dennis Turk    
View   1969 Heavy Ten Toolroom Catalog No. CLC187RB, restoration in progress. Ken Lesniak