Serial Number Chronology Database

SBL Sequential Serial Number System Started in 1910 with
serial number 700 and ended in March, 1947 with approximately 186514.

A number of lathes with the newer serial number recording system
that contain the model/size letter identifiers have been found
in March and April of 1947 that also have the sequential number stamped.
To date, the latest overlaping number found is 186842 on serial number 352NAR7.

IOW - There are lathes built in March and April of 1947 that can have
both numbers stamped.

FYI - In the below linked Sequential number look up query the 1920-1930
lathes with a letter stamped after the serial number(N, S, L) are listed without this letter.

The 1920-1922 preceding "J" numbers are not listed, please see the master database:
SNDB for those numbers(out of sequential order) by the dates.

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