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  Pdf   10K accuracy test report Dave Smith    
  Pdf   1996 Army TC 9-524, Fundamentals of Machine Tools      
  Pdf   1996 Army Lathe Instructions from TC 9-524      
  Pdf   1996 Navy Machinist Mate      
  Pdf   1994 Navy Base Machines      
  Pdf   1993 Navy Machine Repairman      
  Pdf   1980 Army Maintenance and Repair Parts, Model CL670Z      
  Pdf   1973 Lathe Tooling Dimensions, SBL Spec. Sheet 7324 Webb Wyman    
  Pdf   1952 Lathe Tooling Dimensions, SBL Spec. Sheet 5224 YSBG    
  View   9" Workshop Information      
  View   Post 1947 Workshop Model ID codes      
  Pdf   1926 South Bend Lathe Model Specs      
  Pdf   1920 South Bend Lathe Models        
  Pdf   1913 Handbook on Japanning